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Digital Marketing
Summer Program

Introduction to marketing for teens

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Start date

July 14th

End date

Aug 11st

# of sessions


Classroom mode


About program

We are happy to announce about our Digital Marketing program that will be held in summer 2022.

The program is designed to give students a general background in digital marketing and an introduction to the rapidly growing and evolving career field. Students will be exposed to the fundamental concepts and principles of the digital experience, focus on the learning tools and skills necessary for solving business problems, and developing marketing opportunities.

Who is the program for:

  • Teens aged 14-18

  • High school students considering marketing as a career

  • Teens who want to enhance their digital skills

Image by rayul


What you will learn:

What Soft Skills you will develop:

  1. Introduction to marketing

  2. Introduction to digital marketing strategies

  3. Content Marketing

  4. Social Media Marketing (Instagram, TikTok)

  5. Image and video creation

  6. Building a website/blog

  7. Career in marketing

  8. Earning with digital marketing skills

  1. Collaboration

  2. Research

  3. Design

  4. Presentation

  5. Communication

Group projects

You will research, develop strategies and execution plans with your peers in groups.

Interactive games

Each learning session will be accompanied with games and other engaging activities.

Company Visits

We will visit different companies to learn to watch how the lives of marketing people are.

Less theory, more fun

We discourage traditional ways of learning. Cool environment makes learning fun.

H. Kochar 4, Barekamutyun Business Center, Yerevan

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


Program fee 

34,000 AMD


Lilit Broyan has 6+ years of experience in digital marketing and 3+ years of experience as a marketing trainer. 

Since 2020, she has been running a blog about marketing on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and has over 30K followers across all social accounts.

She is passionate about educating young people and guiding them through their career in marketing.

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  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
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