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Hiring Marketers in Armenia: What are employees looking for?

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

If you are an Armenian company seeking new hires for your marketing department, this article can provide valuable insights into marketing professionals' preferences.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, war, and economic consequences, opportunities in Armenia's marketing sector is on the rise. The dominant trends that stand out from recent hiring patterns include rising demand, directional growth, and increasing flexibility.

According to the volume of job postings on, Marketing & Advertising category ranks 3rd in the top job announcements, behind only Software Development and Sales/Service management categories. Meanwhile, the most requested marketing position is a digital marketing specialist.

Interestingly, close to 50% of companies are actively seeking mid-level marketing professionals, while only 10% of them are open to hiring juniors.

Conducted within the Digital Marketing Armenia Facebook group, a survey reveals some intriguing statistics for companies to consider.

The survey respondents were categorized based on their seniority levels:

Main factors affecting the decision

When considering a job change, marketing professionals have to take into account numerous factors. Among the most common 12 factors, the top 5 leading considerations with the strongest impact are:

  1. Fair salary

  2. Career Progression opportunities

  3. Company management style and processes

  4. Company Culture

  5. Company values and mission.

Regarding the 5th factor, 70-85% of marketing job seekers are looking for companies that not only establish clear goals and values but also demonstrate the practical application of those values in their daily operations.

If you are looking for top-notch professionals to join your team, make sure your company is all set with the above-mentioned 5 points and that you clearly communicate the information through your job announcement, Careers page on the website or through social media channels.

Preference for Working Models

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic compelled local companies to transition to remote work. In 2021, while some businesses have returned to operating from offices, others have adopted a hybrid model, combining remote work with in-office work.

When surveyed about their preferred working model, 62% of the respondents expressed a preference for the hybrid work arrangement. Additionally, around 20% of the participants indicated that they wouldn't mind working for a company that requires full-time office work.

So, if your company is looking for marketing professionals, maybe it is time to start an internal discussion to offer a flexible working model.

After COVID-19 we integrated a hybrid working model at our agency. We were surprised to see an x3 boost in work efficiency. An internal survey revealed that this approach increased the motivation of our team members, and they're happy to be in control of their time.
Maria Harutyunyan, co-founder at Loopex Digital

Preference by Employer Branding

The personal branding of founders and event marketing significantly influences the decisions of job applicants when they are considering a new workplace. Consequently, companies should strongly consider investing more in employer branding efforts.

Regarding a company's reputation, 84.6% of the applicants find it very important. However, 77% of them would agree to work in an unpopular company if working conditions are met their expectations.

Lastly, an intriguing 48% of respondents show skepticism towards negative gossip. Instead, they prefer to attend the interview, personally verify the facts, and make informed decisions based on their own assessments.

How They Look for Jobs

If your company is not actively creating employee-centric content on social media, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, then it's high time you started doing so. People are checking your social media pages and content and it strongly affects their decision.

Employees' advice to Employers

1) They should change the way they think about marketing and marketing specialist,

2) They should provide flexible working conditions, value the efforts of marketing specialists, create a cool atmosphere in their office,

3) Demonstrate a professional hiring process, develop a strong culture based on values, and offer adequate and market-wise salary,

4) It is essential for employers to set clear goals and expectations for their marketers, ensuring everyone is on the same page,

5) It's not always 'customer is always right ', sometimes employees are also important, as they are the ones that create value for the company:)

With the rise of freelance work from one end and urge to go global for many local companies, from another, a huge gap in the job market for marketing specialists, with strong accent on digital marketing and content writing is formed. Every single industry now acknowledges the added value an established marketing function could create for the business, therefore number of positions announced for marketing specialists is increasing, while closing those positions with qualified talent is becoming more and more difficult.
Luiza Avetsiyan, co-founder at
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