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NoBla!Bla: First Marketing Hackathon in Armenia

End of October was special for the Marketing scene in Armenia. The reason? NoBla!Bla, the first-ever marketing hackathon in the country!

It was a whole new playground for ideas and strategies, a place where creativity met competition.

Picture this:

  • Over 80 marketing professionals breaking into 20+ teams and getting down to business.

  • Over 15 marketing experts who mentored the teams in over 84 mentorship sessions.

  • 20+ staff members and volunteers who were working hard to make the 2 day-event be smooth and without any glitches.

  • Over 15 partner and sponsor companies collaborating with the Metrix Digital team to bring this event to life.

  • 8 judges, as no competition is complete without industry experts to assess the pitches and determine the winners.

Their mission? To work on real life marketing objectives they have been challenged and to bring their fresh point of view and effective solutions to the table.

Our team at Metrix Digital was proudly backstage of making this event happen. Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without the big-name sponsors like Ameriabank, Avanta, and and venue partner The Crowdfunding Formula (TCF). They were the true heroes of the event, bringing challenges to the table for the teams to solve.

Format & Objectives

NoBla!Bla wasn't like a usual hackathon you may know from startup and technology scenes.

Instead of fighting over new business ideas, marketing pros went head-to-head trying to crack real marketing objectives given by the sponsors.

We had four Marketing Objectives, and four to five teams working on each and competing for the title of the Winners.

Curious about the proposed Objectives? Let's delve into them:


Ameriabank sought fresh ideas from the participants to enhance their Ameria Student Visa campaign for Black Friday and the New Year. The ambitious sales target was set at 5,000 card sales, with a focus on activating both existing and new cardholders.

Winner team: “Tsitik-Tsitik”


Avanta presented a challenge to the teams, urging them to devise novel ideas for the իմսիրուն campaign, with the goal of generating 9,000 leads within three months of launching the campaign.

Winner team: “Atena” introduced an intriguing task to the teams. Their advertising platform targets to enter the Tunisian market, and the participating teams were tasked with crafting a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

Winner team: “A to Z” team


TCF had another tough challenge for the participants, calling upon them to create a campaign capable of generating 50 e-mobility leads in both the US and European markets for their Prelaunch product.

Winner team: “Product Pulse”

In addition, several nominations were set and winner teams have been awarded by our prize partners:

  • Most Energetic team: “Ameriazavr” - prize by Ameriabank

  • Most Hardworking team: “Ardos” - prize by The Factory coworking spaces

  • Most Curious team: “MarVI” - prize by LOFT center

  • Creative Solution: “Runtik” - prize by Armenian Code Academy

  • And a special treat for all second-place winners by Dargett company.

Those teams and everyone else were also treated by Tushpa wines with some great wine at the end of the event at the “Bla!Bla Time” aka networking time.

Hackathon x Partners

Metrix Digital team proudly partnered with Media teams to bring the event visibility to you all.

Next round of thank you-s go to our ecosystem and info partners, who joined their efforts and supported us to spread the voice about the event: Closr., ViranMango, Business Hub, Azarian Growth Agency, Ivy Armenia, Kruzo, BIB Marketing.

A shout out to The Unicorn Community Café as well, who caffeinated us enough during two days to stay energetic and work hard.

After two days of intense brainstorming and teamwork, the event wrapped up with some creative ideas and strategies. NoBla!Bla wasn't just a weekend gathering; it was a sign of the exciting things happening in Armenia's marketing scene. Follow us to stay tuned about the next big thing coming up!


About NoBla!Bla

NoBla!Bla Marketing is a marketing initiative by Metrix Digital that unites local businesses and marketing professionals to foster a strong and supportive community.

Our name represents our belief in promoting marketing practices that break through the clutter and deliver clear, concise, and memorable campaigns. We are dedicated to fostering a marketing community that prioritizes results and impact. The Hackthon was the first public event within the initiative and more exciting ones are coming soon! Contact us if you want to partner with us in making NoBla!Bla next initiatives a reality.


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