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Event Marketing

We keep it straight to the point!

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About Metrix

For the past two years, we've been the go-to team for clients in all sorts of industries, turning their business goals into reality.

Guess what? Now, we're on a mission to be the #1 event marketing agency in Armenia! 


Anything and everything related to selling your event – that's our playground.


What makes us different from other Agencies...

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Innovative Approach

Marketing an event in Armenian market can be a tough challenge, and we understand you. We're here to stand by you, offering constant support and innovative strategies to ensure your event's success.

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From sold-out cello concert to successful business hackathons, we have an experience in the Armenian event market. We've not just gained knowledge and experience; we've transformed it into valuable event market know-how

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While brand awareness is integral to your event marketing strategy, we prioritize tangible results, focusing on sign-ups and ticket sales to ensure measurable success.

Our Services

We help companies and organizations in Armenia to market their event.

01. Event Marketing Planning

Success starts with a plan. Let's build yours together. Consult with us for expert guidance in crafting your event marketing strategy.

02. Branding & Design

We will create a compelling event brand with eye-catching design elements for logos, promotional materials, and digital assets.

03. Website Development

We will build a user-friendly, informative event website to serve as a central hub for information, registration, and updates.

04. SMM & Content Creation

We will develop your SMM Strategy and create engaging and shareable content, such as blog posts, videos, and posts, to generate buzz and interest.

...and any other services that are required to market your event in Armenia.

Our Partners Trust Us

Parallel Lines

"Metrix Digital's solutions had an immediate impact on the activities of our organization. Throughout our entire cooperation, the team has demonstrated unblemished professionalism and flexibility".

Sona Hovhannisyan

President of HAYA Festival

Event Types We Cover

Let’s plan your event, together

We are dedicated to helping businesses to have a successful and sold-out event.



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